Trail Creek Ranch is located approximately one hour drive time north of Boise, Idaho.  The ranch is 3-miles south of Placerville, a historic mining town and 15-miles to the north, less than one-half an hour away, is Garden Valley and the scenic whitewater of the South Fork of the Payette River.  The ranch is usually accessed from Boise through Horseshoe Bend via Harris Creek Summit or Highway 21 and Idaho City.  

The ranch lies in the heart of the Boise Basin against Harris Creek summit and is defined by the mountainous timber lands to the west and Trail Creek and Peterson Creek together with their surrounding meadows that flow east to Clear Creek and Granite Creek.  The Ranch is approximately 2.5 miles long in the east-west direction and 1.25 miles wide in the north-south direction.  The west end of the Ranch is shaped in a square measuring one mile by one mile.  Harris Creek Road bisects the Ranch with approximately 375 acres to the North and approximately 735 acres on the South side of the road. Elevation ranges from a low point of approximately 4,200 feet on Trail Creek and approximately 4,900 feet on a mountain ridge above the timber laden Huckleberry Flat.  Scenic mountain views of Steel Mountain exist on many Ranch locations.